Mt. Vernon Pure Rye Whiskey Self Framed Tin Sign, Cook & Bernheimer Co, New York, N.Y. Circa 1910

The well known Mt. Vernon Pure Rye Whiskey brand was a brand created distributed and marketed by the Cook & Bernheimer Company based in New York, N.Y. As shown in this self framed tin sign, the brand was advertised simply as “It’s Square” on this piece. I find this rather unique and interesting that was all they felt they needed to say to advertise their product, but I guess there were not many square whiskey rye bottles during the early 1900’s, and as a result, the bottle could easily be found compared to all the round liquor bottles of that era. While true, this is certainly an interesting advertising campaign nonetheless.

Founded in 1863, the Cook & Bernheimer Co. was based in NYC, but also had offices in both Chicago and Cincinatti, OH. In 1889 the company obtained the exclusive rights to distribute the Mt. Vernon whiskey brand, and as a result, they took the brand nationally. The Mount Vernon brand was actually distilled by the Hannis Distilling Co. which had offices in both Baltimore, MD and in Philadelphia, PA. I do not know if the well known brand was resurrected after prohibition, but I cannot find much to indicate it was introduced again when the U.S. went wet again in 1933.