Moerschel Brewing Co., 1914 diecut lithograph calendar, Sedalia, MO.

What a beautiful diecut litho calendar from the Moerschel Brewing Company, this time out of Sedalia, Missouri. Dated 1914, the colors on this lithograph are stunning, the condition immaculate, and certainly a piece which could decorate a home for many years beyond the actual calendar usefulness. In fact, oftentimes collectors of antique advertising will find these lithographs with the calendars removed, simply because the owners would decorate their homes for many years with the beautiful images. Many types of businesses utilized these calendars, including pharmacies, general stores, tailors, breweries, mills, banks, and many other merchants.

The Moerschel brewing family were truly ahead of their time, having established breweries in multiple cities in MO. Today collectors can find items from not only their Sedalia brewery, but also from their larger brewery locations in Jefferson City and St. Charles, MO. The St. Charles location helped them put a dent into the large Saint Louis marketplace with this suburban brewing locale. Unfortunately the Moershel family is not longer brewing beer commercially. So items like this calendar serve as a reminder of their brewing prowess for many years in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s era.