Meyer Brewing Company Souvenir metal tray, Bloomington, IL. Ca. 1910.

Here is a beautiful souvenir scenic pin or coin tray depicting a photograph of the Meyer Brewing Company which was in Bloomington, IL prior to prohibition. Like so many breweries, the Meyer Brewery did not survive to re-open after prohibition unfortunately. Trays like these were often made with images of whatever was being advertised, and were expected to lay around in hotels, taverns, private homes, etc, essentially to help advertise whatever was depicted on the tray itself. In this case, the Meyer Brewery tray still exist, and is now just a reminder of what used to be a nice local brewery in this central Illinois city.

Found by Anton Meyer and Franz Wochner as the Meyer Brewing Co., the business was originally called the Gambrinus Brewery in Bloomington. The business grew to eventually sell between 8,000 to 9,000 barrels annually. Some of their brands were American Eagle, Blue Label and Extra Select beers. This brewery supplied much of McLean County and the surrounding area primarily. Prohibition ended the enterprise, and by 1922 the local city had bought the property and started destroying the buildings. At the time, the property became a golf course called Highland Park.