American Pickers speaks with The Antique Advertising Expert 

American Pickers Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe

American Pickers Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe

Poll Parrot Tin Advertising Clicker 1930’s

The History Channel’s American Pickers Television show recently asked the Antique Advertising Expert, Randy Huetsch, about his insight on vintage Poll Parrot Shoes advertising memorabilia. This was after American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz were combing through an old feed and clothing store in Whitmire, South Carolina and came across a box of tin Poll Parrot Shoes clickers and other Poll Parrot advertisements.

Since Mike and Frank didn’t have much historical background about the Poll Parrot Shoes brand, the show’s staffers sought out Randy to learn more about the brand because he had similar items on his website. These Poll Parrot vintage promotional clickers used to be giveaways for kids with their shoes. The fun tin noise makers featured the company’s mascot, a bright red and green parrot on a yellow background.

Poll Parrot Tin Whistle Giveaways 1930’s

Poll Parrot Shoes had other toy giveaways such as whistles, rings, buttons, bookmarks and children’s tin savings banks featuring the parrot illustration. The company used several parrot models in their advertising from the 1920’s to 1960’s and created the slogan “They speak for themselves”.

Poll Parrot Shoes Magazine Ad

Poll Parrot Shoes Slogan “They Speak for Themselves”

In the 1930’s, Poll Parrot Shoes also launched a syndicated radio program called the “Cruise of the Poll Parrot” and sponsored the popular Howdy Doody children’s show.

Randy provided the American Pickers with additional vintage advertising related items that were featured throughout the episode, and he was recognized in the show credits.

Learn more about the Poll Parrot brand and how the parrot icon was the brainchild of Paul Parrot, the original owner of the Paul Parrot Shoes based in St. Louis, Missouri, featured in a previous Antique Advertising Expert blog, Vintage Shoe Companies and their Colorful Mascots.

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