The Antique Advertising Expert Services

The Antique Advertising Expert provides free appraisals of antique advertising and is an event speaker.

The Antique Advertising Expert provides expertise, free appraisals, and purchases of antique advertising. We are available as an event speaker to discuss various antique advertising topics, provide reviews, and display memorabilia. We provide services for individuals, antique collectors, auction sites, and organizations involved with vintage advertising relics.

Vintage Advertising Collectibles

Vintage Advertising Collectibles

This site features antique advertising collectibles in many popular categories including Breweriana, Soda, Coffee, Whiskey, Tobacciana, Dairy, Wine, and Bakery.  Some of the vintage items are porcelain advertising signs, brewery steins, mugs, soda and milk bottles. Other advertising collectibles are calendars, clocks, coffee bins, tobacco tins, serving trays, syrup dispensers, stoneware whiskey jugs, wooden crates, biscuit tins, thermometers and more.

The advertising memorabilia are from manufacturers at the turn of the century such as Coca-Cola Company, Vess Soda, Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Falstaff Beer, Jack Daniels Whiskey, Pevely Dairy, C.F. Blanke Spice and Tea Company, National Biscuit Company, Union Leader Tobacco, American Wine Company and many more.

The Antique Advertising Expert Background

Randy Huetsch, The Antique Advertising Expert.

The Antique Advertising Expert features a passionate collector, Randy Huetsch, who began his collection over 35 years ago while living in Waterloo, Illinois. His first find was an old soda bottle in a creek bed near his home and he was fascinated about the history of the bottle. Subsequently, Randy went on to attend hundreds of collectible shows, auctions, flea markets, and antique stores as both a collector and a dealer.

A1908 Soda Bottle - Randy's 1st Collectible

1908 Soda Bottle – Randy’s 1st Collectible

Today, Randy’s early Americana advertising collection includes thousands of antique artifacts from many industries. He truly appreciates vintage heirlooms and has earned a highly regarded reputation in the collecting world. As an experienced expert in the field, he is continuously sought after from individuals and organizations that have inherited or found historical advertising pieces.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, inquiries, leads or requests that you have relating to the appraisal, purchase or information about antique advertising collectibles at or by phone at 618-303-1688.