The Antique Advertising Expert In Country Living Magazine


Antique Advertising Expert in Country Living Magazine July/ August 2015

Antique Advertising Expert in Country Living Magazine July/ August 2015

Country Living Magazine honored the Antique Advertising Expert by including many images from Randy Huetsch’s Soda Collectibles in their July/August 2015 issue!

Country Living Magazine July/ August 2015 Issue

Country Living Magazine July /August 2015 Issue

Check out the article,”Thrill of the Hunt”: A Soda Pop Collector’s Guide to look at some of the fizz-tastic finds, from “crates to coolers to syrup dispensers, bubbling over with retro style.”

Country Living Magazine interviewed The Antique Advertising Expert, Randy Huetsch, for historical references about soda relics, pricing on their values and why some items are of more interest than others.

Soda memorabilia remains one of the most sought-after antique advertising collectibles. People have fond memories of these soda pop items growing up or they like to collect brands from their area they live in. Others look for a variety of soda advertising that was found in the old general grocery stores, diners and service stations.

Coca-Cola is still the leader of all soda pop brands and one of the most collected because of its abundance of antique advertising memorabilia. Early and rare pieces have set record-breaking prices in the collecting world. There are many other soda brands that are also highly coveted. Overall, the worth of the soda relics depend on condition, the brand, location, date, and how rare and unique it is.

To learn more about vintage soda collectibles, visit Antique Advertising Expert – Soda Collectibles and for details about soda bottles, syrup dispensers, soda signs, trays, clocks, thermometers, glasses, coolers, crates, menu boards and much more.


Country Living Magazine’s July/August 2015: Thrill of the Hunt – A Soda Pop Collector’s Guide; Featuring many items from Antique Advertising Expert Randy Huetsch


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