John Hay Cigars Self Framed Tin Sign, Stewart, Newburger & Co. ,Philadelphia, PA. Circa 1900

The John Hay brand of Cigars was featured on this beautifully embossed tin sign in the 1900 era. The Stewart, Newburger & Co. Limited were prolific cigar manufacturers in the early 1900’s in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania marketplace. Founded by Samuel and Lester Newburger, the Stewart, Newburger Tobacco Company was later renamed the Newburger Tobacco Co. in 1905 after the family bought out the interest from Mr. Stewart. Today the name John Hay is not very recognizable to most Americans, but to true historians, his place in history is well known. As the author of the “Open Door Policy” which included trade with China, his mark was well felt in the era he served alongside Abraham Lincoln and eventually as the Secretary of State under William McKinley. John Hay died in 1905 but his name remained in the public with this cigar brand, immortalized by this embossed cigar sign bearing his name!

However, the Newburger family was more interested in the financial world, and made their name long term with that industry vs. the tobacco and cigar marketplace. When they sold their business is unknown to this author. The firm of Newburger, Henderson & Loeb has left the Newburger family with everlasting fame in the high finance world in New York City, N.Y.