Falstaff Dublin Style Tin Tacker Sign, St. Louis, MO. Circa 1920's.

Here’s a beautiful tin tacker style metal sign from the Falstaff Brewing Company which was originally based in St. Louis, MO when the sign was made, but eventually expanded to many other cities across the United States as their sales began to grow. This Dublin Style brand was actually a cereal beverage, and was one of the low alcohol style beers or near beer products made to sell during the dark years of prohibition. Many breweries shuttered their operations, however, the larger ones often started making low or non-alcoholic drinks, ice creams, or other products to keep their employees going, and to keep their businesses running within their breweries. There is not much advertising from this particular brand floating around, but this particular sign is one of them you will find as many were found in a find years ago in very good condition.

Originally brewed by the Wm. J. Lemp Brewery in Saint Louis, the Falstaff brand was named after a character in a Shakespeare play, and was one of the patron saint like characters of beer. The Lemp Brewery eventually closed with prohibition, although other family members later opened up a smaller brewery in E. St. Louis, IL in the years shortly after prohibition ended. Collectors today like the low alcohol brand advertising of this era still today.