Jung Brewery Self Framed Tin Sign, Milwaukee, WI. Ca. 1900

Wow! Here is a beautiful self-framed tin sign from the Jung Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, circa 1900. I love this image but how the woman in a nightgown sitting on the edge of a bed serving you right relates to the beer being advertised is interesting in itself. What I do know is the image is beautiful, the beer brands from this brewing company are clearly shown as Jung Brau and Cardinal brands respectively. There is not much advertising on the sign itself other than a quick slogan and the name of the brewery itself. The bottle in her hand on the nightstand appears to be one from the Brau brand itself. What I do know is this particular sign is a beautiful image from the pre-prohibition era of brewing history.

The Philip Jung Brewing Company opened in Milwaukee, WI in 1896 and remained open until prohibition ended the enterprise like all other liquor related industries in 1920. Phillip started the business at Cherry and Fifth streets in Milwaukee after he purchased the former Jacob Obermann brewery at that location.