Tony Faust Saloon Coin Bank Arcade Coin-Op, St. Louis, MO. Circa 1890

Wow! I was fortunately to recently pick up an amazing piece of St. Louis, MO history. Featured today is an early Tiger wood coin bank from the once famous Tony Faust restaurant which was at 4th and Elm Street. This location is now under the Gateway Arch grounds in downtown Saint Louis. The coin bank was most likely used as a game of chance most likely for wealthy patrons either before they drank their wine or cocktails, or even had a glass of Faust beer. You might ask why Tony Faust had his own beer named after him? Apparently Mr. Faust was very good friends with August Busch, and his child married one of Mr. Busch’s kids, so they were also related by marriage. Today collectors can find various ceramic lidded steins with the Faust name on them or various versions of similar blue and white steins which simply say “Faust Own”. All of these, along with devil embelished logos on chinaware were also part of the famous Faust Restaurant from where this coin bank originated from.

The Tony Faust Restaurant and Saloon was touted at being the nicest restaurant west of New York City in the late 1800’s. Many U.S. Presidents came to dine here. This was a time when St. Louis was the fourth largest city in the country, and all things west came through the Gateway to the West city. As a result, a bit of research will tell you about their famous Oysters they served and all sorts of delicacies you won’t find today such as wild game on their daily menu.