Big Rock Whiskey Litho, Bonnie & Co. Distillers, Louisville, KY. Ca. 1900

Here’s a great lithographic cardboard sign advertising “Fishing for Business” from the Bonnie and Company distillers in Louisville, Kentucky, just prior to prohibition starting in 1919. The graphics are interesting with a woman fishing and apparently getting her line caught on her dress, while a curious looking man is staring at her. I am not quite sure if this advertising would go over very well in today’s era, probably not for the better. Also I find it ironic that the brand is called Big Rock, as I don’t really see any truly big rocks in the image, or at least any rocks of considerable size comparatively. Maybe a picture of a rock cliff or a similar scene would have made more sense? This sign is circa 1900, and The Bonnie and Company distillery was just one of many in the Louisville marketplace at that time.