Pett's Bald Eagle Whiskey Serving Tray, Boston, MA. Circa 1910

Featured here is a great metal serving tray advertising the Bald Eagle Whiskey brand from Sanford Petts who owned a distillery in Boston, MA prior to prohibition.  This particular serving tray is a stock tray, meaning the image was one used on many trays where only the advertising changes to meet the needs of whoever the company was which put their product on the tray.  S. F. Petts started his distillery in the late 1800’s and was very successful.  His products included  a Fruit Punch Liquor, Old 76 Rum, Spirit of 76 Whiskey, Old Reliable, Jan Steen Gin, Petts Malt, Benjamin Franklin Whiskey, Suprema, and Cedar Slope Whiskey.  However for some reason he was out of business by 1914 as that is the last year he is located in the Boston business directories.