Johnson-Layne Coffee Co, Gunpowder Brand General Store Bin, St. Louis, MO

Circa 1910, The Johnson Layne Coffee Company in Saint Louis, MO was in business for only a few short years, but their flagship brand was the Log Cabin Brand of Coffee. This particular general merchandise storage bin was designed for customers to scoop out their coffee in bulk when buying the product. I am guessing the Gunpowder brand was a high potency coffee given the name, as I have seen this on a few other manufacturers tins also.

Orange Julep Tin Serving Soda Tray

Circa 1920 Metal Serving Tray for the Orange Julep brand. This tray was very risque for it’s time based on the positioning of the womans dress and apparently it was a cause of concern for the company due to some backlash at the time. The Orange-Julep brand was a fairly large national seller in the soda world at the time. Coshocton, OH Manufactured Tray.

Waterloo, IL Hutch & Blob Soda Bottles, Circa 1860-1890’s

Circa 1860-1880s era Blob and hutchinson style soda bottles from Waterloo, Illinois. The earliest one is the John Ruf soda bottle which is civil war era. Mr. Ruf was in town from about 1860-1870 when he left for Jacksonville, IL in Morgan County. The others are from Henry Schuell who was in town from 1898-1899 for a short 18 months, and from Henry Boeke was came in 1878 and turned the business to his son Charles around 1895. All of these bottles are hard to find, but the Ruf and Vertical H. Boeke are the only ones of each of these known to exist. Early small town blob and soda bottles including ones with pontil marks on the bottoms are highly sought after by collectors from the area of their origin, the state, or for other factors.