Koenigsmark Milling Co, Stained Glass Sign Waterloo, IL

Koenigsmark Milling Co Stained Glass Sign

This stained glass etched sign from Koenigsmark Milling Co, Circa 1887, was a glass sliding door with a handle on it at one time. The stain glass sign came from the Koenigsmark Milling Co located in Waterloo, Illinois. The Koenigsmark Milling Company was known for its Silver Fox Feeds flour brand and had a fox as their logo. 

This stain glass sign was removed by a former employee before the mill was torn down. It has bright colors of blues and greens and depicts two of their brands, K.P Flour and Gardner Flour.  The etchings came from a flour barrel stencil. This piece from Koenigsmark Milling Co is a phenomenal example of early advertising from a small town in Monroe County, IL.

Mr. Thomas Koenigsmark was the owner of the Koenigsmark Milling Co. He originally had purchased the Gardner Mill in Columbia, IL in 1863. However, when the Chouteau and Edwards Mill in Waterloo, IL was destroyed by a fire in 1884, the citizens of Waterloo asked Koenigsmark to build a new mill. So he established the Koenigsmark Milling Co. in 1886 on the previous foundations of the burned down mill. The town considered it to be the finest mill in that part of the country. Koenigsmark utilized updated machinery and the latest processes for milling during his 36 years of business. Thomas Koenigsmark was considered a progressive thinker for his time and was successful in the milling industry.