Zipp's Cherrio Soda Serving Tray. Circa 1920

This particular metal or tin serving tray from the Zipp’s Cherri-O brand is truly a beautiful tray with the robin drinking the delicious drink with a straw! I always found this depiction amusing as I can hardly imagine a bird using a straw to drink with, but some artist years ago thought of it and used it perfectly. Interestingly, many soft drinks, soda, or pop as some call it used the “-O” on the back of their drinks. Similarly many soft drinks of the 1900-1930 era also added the word cola attached to the back end of the official name, ie. Tenncola, etc. The trend of doing this was very popular, and must have helped sales for those which used those words. Or they simply confused consumers and ended the campaign and many of the brands which went defunct by the early 1930’s.

Not much is known by the author as to which company originate the Zipp’s Cherri-O brand. I hope to find some information with more research in the future.