Stag Beer Tin over Cardboard Sign, Griesedieck Western Brewery Co., Belleville, IL. Circa 1933

This is a very rare advertising Tin Over Cardboard Sign for the Stag Beer brand that was produced by the Griesedieck Western Brewery in Belleville, IL. Circa 1935.  The Stag brand was introduced before prohibition but shortly after prohibition Stag sales took off and it became a very well known Midwestern brand.  Eventually the Griesedieck family sold the brewery to The Carling Brewery in the 1950’s.  In the 1970’s, Carling sold the brewery to G. Heilemann of La Crosse, Wisconsin before they closed the brewery in 1979.  However, Stag is still brewed in Wisconsin by a different brewer under contract and the brand remains widely distributed throughout Southern Illinois today.