Whistle Brand Orange Soda Advertising Clock

Whistle Soda Clock 1940

A Whistle Orange Soda Clock Circa1940. This clock features the advertising slogan, “Thirsty? Just Whistle”.  Thirsty is a key word that the Whistle Orange Soda brand used in their logo. Whistle Orange Soda was introduced in 1925 by Vess Soda company, a soft drink brand manufactured in St. Louis, Mo.

The Whistle brand clock has always been a favorite for soda collectors and remains so today. It’s important to look closely at any clocks to determine if it is an original or reproduction. The original clocks have longer hands on them and the reproductions are more grainy in the paperwork decal on the front.  The reproductions have a vintage sticker on the background.  The originals are worth five times more in value than the reproductions.  The reproduction hands are not exactly the same shape as the original ones.

Whistle Orange Soda was manufactured by Vess Soda company. Vess Soda primarily distributed their products throughout the Midwest. The Vess trademark name came from the nickname of the original company founder, Sylvester Jones.The company had a difficult time after the Stock Market Crash in 1929 and eventually was sold to Donald Schneebarger. Schneebarger promoted a brand new line of flavors that helped turn the Vess Soda company around. Vess is currently owned by Cott Beverages. Vess flavors include their main cola, cream sodas, fruit flavors, and its orange soft drink, Whistle. Vess-Up is their lemon-lime flavor.