Sweetest Maid Chocolates Self Framed Tin Sign. Ca. 1905

I like this particular self-framed tin sign image because of the simplicity of the advertising image.  The use of a young girl holding a box of chocolates provides an image of a innocent sweet child serving a sweet chocolate candy treat.   There is no other verbiage on the sign, and in my opinion, no other advertising was needed.  I guess the manufacturer of this brand could have added their company name on the side of the box, but I would suspect the brand was well known enough at that time that the manufacturer did not feel it was necessary to have the company name added to the sign image.  Why the company elected not to add their company name is simply lost to time and we will never truly know exactly why that decision was made.

The Sweetest Maid chocolate brand was manufactured by the Sanitary Food Products Company out of St. Paul, MN. At least that is the name of the company I find associated with the brand name. Apparently the were prolific makers of chocolate bars for many years and were in business selling this brand name at least into the 1940’s.