1890- 1940 Hutch & ACL Soda Bottles

This is a collection of soda bottles from the towns of Waterloo, Millstadt and Valmeyer, Illinois.  The Charles Boeke bottle from Waterloo, IL is a Hutchinson or “hutch” style soda bottle which would have required a porcelain stopper in the top held in place by the wire bail.   The Zing and Cheneys Beverage bottles are both painted label styles which were introduced into the market in the late 1920’s and remained into the 1970’s. Although, some brands still use them today.  The paint on the ACL or Applied Label bottles is fired on to the bottle in order to prevent easy scratching of the label, allowing for frequent reuse by smaller bottlers.   Both the Zing and Cheney’s bottles are from the early 1940’s and were short lived brands.