Stern Brau Reverse on Glass Sign, Star Peerless Brewing Co, Belleville, IL. Circa 1940's

Rare Stern Brau Dry Light Lager Reverse on Glass beer sign made by the Star-Peerless Brewery in Belleville, Illinois, circa late 1930’s.   This sign would have been attached to a cabinet light which was affixed to a cash register for easy visibility.   The Stern Brau brand was the Star-Peerless breweries flagship beer and they frequently advertised the brand as “The New Champion” or  “The BEER with a PUNCH”.   This sign says “Few as Good, None as Better”.

The Stern Brau brand was discontinued in the late 1940’s. Stern Brau was a major competitor to the Stag Brand in Belleville brewed by the Griesedieck Western Brewery Company.