Schotts Old Lager Meyercord Beer Sign, Schott Brewing Co, Highland, IL. Circa 1930's

Rare Meyercord Wood Sign from the Schott Brewery in Highland, Illinois, circa late 1930’s.   The Schott brewery was originally called the Highland Brewery before Prohibition.   The Schott family was involved in the production of soda in the late 1800’s at the same time they owned the brewery in Highland.  The Schott brewery had many brands of beer, sold under various labels.  Much of the breweries advertising proudly proclaimed their beer was aged in their famous Schott brewery caverns or caves.  Unfortunately the brewery closed in the early 1950’s after the larger national breweries started to take more and more market share away from small town breweries.   The former Schott brewery still stands in Highland, but is currently abandoned, although the caves remain underneath.