Vess Soda Clock 1950

Vess Soda Clock 1950

This Vess Soda clock was manufactured by Pam Clock Co. Circa 1950. The clock features the advertising message, “Drink Vess – Billion Bubble Beverages”.

Coca-Cola Soda Tray Menu Girl 1953

Coca-Cola Tray Menu Girl 1953

This Coca-Cola soda tray is known as the “Menu Girl” version produced in 1953. The tray shows a young woman at a counter holding a Coca-Cola bottle with a menu card in front of her.

Andrew Lohr Diecut Soda Advertising Sign, Cairo, IL

Andrew Lohr Diecut Soda Advertising Sign, Cairo, IL

Circa 1900 era victorian Die-cut advertising cardboard sign from the Andrew Lohr Bottling Company in Cairo, IL. This company sold a ton of soda in this area and they were in business from shortly after the civil war until around 1900. There are many soda bottles and some beer bottles from this company that are all highly sought after. Some are more rare than others however, so the value varies tremendously.

Wards Orange Crush Soda Syrup Dispenser

Wards Orange Crush Syrup Dispenser

Circa 1910 Wards Orange Crush Syrup Dispenser. The Ward Brand was a very popular one in the early 1900s, and the also had a Lime and Lemon brand which have their own syrup dispensers. Syrup dispensers were used in soda fountains for years and today are highly collected. Dispensers with their original tops command the most money from collectors.

Buckeye Root Beer Syrup Dispenser, Cleveland Fruit Juice Co., Ceramic

Buckeye Root Beer Syrup Dispenser 1915

This is a Buckeye Root Beer syrup dispenser from the Cleveland, OH Fruit Juice Co, circa 1890-1915. It is made of ironstone and features a decorative decal image of a frothy mug of root beer in the center.

Jic Jac Soda Cans

Jic Jac Soda Cans 1950

These are Jic Jac Root Beer, Orange and Grape soda cans with a cone top style manufactured by the Jic Jac Company of St. Louis, Missouri starting in the 1950’s.