Vess Soda Tin Advertising Sign

Vess Soda Tin Sign 1940

This Vess Soda tin sign features a beautiful winter scene and displays three flavors on the bottles, Circa 1940. The advertising message on this Vess Soda tin sign states “Enjoy Vess in Your Favorite Flavors”. The Vess Soda company was founded in 1916 and was a soft drink brand manufactured in St. Louis, Mo. At that time they primarily distributed their products throughout the Midwest. The Vess trademark name came from the nickname of the original company founder, Sylvester Jones.

Another Vess beverage, Whistle Orange Soda was debuted in 1925. However, the Vess logo was on the other soda flavors.  The company had a difficult time after the Stock Market Crash in 1929 and eventually was sold to Donald Schneebarger. Schneebarger promoted a brand new line of flavors that helped turn the Vess Soda around. Vess is currently owned by Cott Beverages. Vess flavors include their main cola, cream sodas, fruit flavors, and its orange soft drink, Whistle. Vess-Up is their lemon-lime flavor.