Skinner's Satins Yarn with Indian, Self Framed Sign

One of the more impressive pieces of early Americana is this Skinner’s Satin’s self-framed tin sign, circa 1900.   The Skinner Satin brand of dyed yarn was well known for their early use of a cat image playing with a thread spool.  In fact, this image was one of the more recognizable images in the 1900 era.   However this image incorporates an Indian or Native American.   I have never seen any other Skinner’s Satin advertising using this theme, and I can only speculate the Indian image was used since native Americans were typically excellent blanket and clothing makers.

Not much is known about which company was the manufacturer of the Skinner Satin brand.   A quick google search does not provide any background on the company, so if any readers have any background on this company, I would certainly appreciate hearing from you.   Either way, the company responsible for producing this stunning sign certainly left an amazing piece of early advertising for us to admire 100 years later.