Bardenheier Wine Co. Thermometer

Bardenheier Wine Co. Thermometer, St. Louis, MO

John Bardenheier Wine Cellars Co. Advertising Pam Company Thermometer from St. Louis, MO.  The Bardeheier brand was well known and had a broad distribution of both their whiskey and wine products for many years.   In 1873 John Bardenheier founded the Wine and Liquor Co with his name, which later became the Bardenheiser Wine Cellars.   The original location was under the present day Gateway Arch south leg at 212 Market Street.

The family business sold their wines to at least ten states at one time, and exported 1.5 Million gallons of wine outside MO.   Compared to today, the wineries in the state are now selling 1 Million gallons of wine outside the state of MO, and MO is still the 4th largest state for wine production in the U.S.   Realizing that, you can easily imagine just how popular the Bardenheier wine brand was at one time.    The family sold the business in 1983, but recently opened up another winery in the small town of Richwoods, MO.