G.F. German Fir Cough Cure Lithograph, Dillard Remedy Co., East Bangor, PA. 1908

This stunning lithograph artwork poster from the Dillard Remedy Company in East Bangor, PA came with a interesting guarantee of the product costing the buyer nothing if they were not satisfied with the product. While this is more common to see this in today’s world, I have not really seen much any advertising from the 1900 era where a so called money back guarantee was offered. I love this piece and find it unique for that reason, but of course the coloring and the promise of making your child safe and well again certainly is desirable too. And of course, the advertising also claims it can make the adult feel better too, and not just the children.

The Dillard Remedy Company in E. Bangor, Pennsylvania created this beautiful chromolithograph in 1908, and was known for their cough cure agents they produced. At a time when the FDA was not controlling the claims of many medicinal products like these, this company was fairly responsible in this advertisement whereby the did not claim their products cured diseases which still today are not curable. Too many products 100 years ago when this advertisement was produced claimed to be cures for so many ailments it is truly laughable today.