Metz Brewing Company, Omaha, NE. Pre-Prohibition Serving Tray. Ca 1905

This particular pre-prohibition era metal serving tray from the Metz Brewing Company out of Omaha, NE is a beauty. The coloring is unusual compared to most pre-pro era trays and mostly I love it because they only needed to include an “M” in the middle of the tray in order to command a buyers attention. The Metz Bros Brewery was a mainstay for many years in Omaha. This particular tray spouts for their bottled beer of the early 1900’s when this brewery produced tray for their local saloons and taverns throughout Nebraska and the upper Midwest region.

Started in 1861 by Frederick and Phillip Metz after their purchase of another local brewery, the Metz Brothers brewery stayed in business until 1961 in city of Omaha. However, the Metz name continued garnering sales for another decade as it was brewed and canned by other brewers well into the 1970’s.