William Tell Flour Tip Tray, Amstead & Burk, Springfield, OH. Ca. 1915

How can you not love the William Tell flour brand logo, “You Knead It”!   I always thought whoever came up with this slogan was pretty clever in their day.   After all, everyone kneaded their flour back in the early 1900’s when this particular tip tray was produced.   Today with the advances of technology kneading flour is not always needed per se, but a true baker or bakery will still knead their flour to get perfection with their baking techniques.  Hence, the William Tell flour brand logo can still work just as well today!

The William Tell flour brand was manufactured by the Amstead and Burk Company which was based in Springfield Ohio at the time this tip tray was produced.

The use of a flour bag as the symbol to help catch the consumer eyes was common for early antique advertising flour products around 1900, and is still effectively employed today with many flour brands.