The Rawson and Evans Sign Company

The Rawson & Evans Sign Company was established by Charles L. Rawson and Samuel Evans in 1890 located at 153 W. Washington St. Chicago, IL. Rawson & Evans was most known for their style of chipped, ground, enameled, and embossed gold / silver leaf, reverse-painted, elaborate and beautiful ornamental glass signs and signage ever made.  By the early 1900’s era Rawson & Evans had a second office at 460 W. Broadway, New York City, NY.

The only other sign competitor that produced similar signs was Dawes Manufacturing Company located in Pittsburgh, PA.  Dawes Mfg Co made lense-style reverse-painted glass signs with gold and silver leaf incorporated in them.

Many industries across the country took a liking to the signs that Rawson and Evans were producing and decided to hire them to produce signs both for their companies as well as products.  Industries like soda, tobacco / cigars makers, general store, bars, drug stores / pharmacies, banks, whiskey distillers, breweries, and textile manufacturers, all had a vested interest in Rawson & Evans signs.

Eventually in 1940 the Rawson & Evans Sign Manufacturing Company closed.

Rawson & Evans Chipped Glass Sign Company, Chicago, IL & New York City