Golden Pheasant Marshmallows Tin, Pacific Coast Candy Co., San Francisco. Ca. 1920

This particular Golden Pheasant Marshmallow can from the Pacific Coast Candy Company is an interesting combo to say the least.   How the use of the word “pheasant” and “marshmallow” came to be added together to form a product name is beyond my imagination.  However, it was approximately 100 years ago, and as a result, modern day marshmallow can collectors are now left with a beautiful and artistic tin to add to their collections.  I do find it even more interesting that the pheasant itself does not include much gold in the coloring of the bird itself, other than the front area just under the birds beak.  Even so, the can coloring is stunning in itself and is a great example to add to any marshmallow or food condiment tin can collectors shelves.

The Pacific Coast Candy Co. was based in San Francisco, CA. Competitors in the San Francisco marketplace were E. Guittard Company and Ghiardelli Confectioners, making the San Francisco the second largest city for chocolate makers in the early 1900’s behind New York City and just ahead of Hershey, PA.