Old Veteran Beer Sign, Crescent Brewing Co., Marionville, MO. Ca. 1935

Veterans across America were given a nice salute essentially when the Crescent Brewing Company which was based in Marionville, MO produced a beer called “Old Veteran” back in the 1930’s. This particular tin over cardboard designed sign recognizes veterans with a twist, that being the crescent moon shaped character on the left side of the sign, appropriately inserted after the name of the brewery. I love the design with the moon incorporated into the design, especially with the face image on the moon itself.

The Crescent Brewery was a short lived brewing company in the small town of Marionville, Missouri, just outside of Springfield. While small, this brewery was tied into another small town Missouri brewery which was based in Old Appleton which is about 75 miles south of St. Louis. Both locations were prolific in their production of many brewery brand labels. One can surmise the actual beers were just a few recipes and simply marketed under many different names. Unfortunately with time both locations went out of business, however, we are left with some great old advertising merchandising items to remember them by today.