Fortune Teller Cigar Tin Sign, L. Kahner & Co, New York. Circa 1900

I have always loved this early 1900’s era tin advertising sign from the L. Kahner & Co. Cigar Makers based in New York City. The vibrant colors of this particular sign really pop, and the name “Fortune Teller” would certainly peek most peoples interest even today. The idea of a fortune teller being able to predict your future was a very popular activity in 1900, as many coin operated related arcade style games with fortune tellers were visible in game houses, saloons, and early fairs of that era. This particular fortune teller woman appears to be wearing a gypsy style or even turkish possible outfit, which again was a popular choice for ladies in this era who were employed as fortune tellers.

Lazarus Kahner opened up his cigar manufacturing plant in New York cities Manhattan island in the late 1800’s at 207 E. 99th Street in NYC. Eventually his son joined the company, and they were in business still in 1915. I am not able to find much information about the company, however, this brand was a well known brand, so sales must have been brisk for many years. The company also produced another popular brand of cigars called Wedding Bouquet.