Regent Wines Tin Sign, St. Julian Wine Co., Paw Paw, MI. Circa 1933

Featured is an early tin sign, freshly put out at the end of prohibition in the early to mid-1930’s from the St. Julian Wine Company, aka as the St. Julian Winery, based in Paw Paw, MI. This particular sign is very noticeable, employing a brilliant red color, and a full length paper label wine bottle on the sign as well. The usage of a bottle by sign makers helped provide a clear visual of what the customer should be looking for when trying to buy their product. Tin signs similar to this design were all the rage just after prohibition when the companies started to once again sell their alcoholic products.

The St. Julian Winery is now over 100 years old, having been run by the same family throughout its history. At present, the winery is on their fourth generation of management running the business. This winery is one of the Midwest larger vineyards, and is the most award winning winery in the state of Michigan based on their broad breadth of products, including not only wine but ciders and distilled spirits.