Stern Brau Tin Over Cardboard Sign, Belleville, IL

Stern Brau Beer Tin Over Cardboard Sign, Belleville, Illinois

TOC Tin Over Cardboard Advertising Sign from the Star Peerless Brewery in Belleville, IL. The Stern Brau brand was one of their flagship brands, and apparently was sold for 10 cents a bottle when this sign was made, circa 1935. Fortunately for collectors, the Stern Brau brand put out a lot of fabulous advertising pieces including back bar lights, cardboard and tin signs, lighted signs, and many other beautiful pieces from the post prohibition era.   You will also find the amber painted enamel steinie beer bottles from Oltimer quite easily.  The Oltimer brand was a sister to Stern Brau which was also made by Star-Peerless in Belleville.   The Stern Brau label was only made with paper labels by this brewery.  A beautiful and colorful sign in great condition.