Bemis Brother & Company, Flour and Pulp Bags, St. Louis, MO. Circa 1900

Shown here is an early tin sign from the Bemis Brother and Company plant which was originally based in St. Louis, Missouri.  The company also had plants in Boston, MA and Minneapolis, MN around the time this sign was made around 1900.  Interestingly the use of a cat image in their sign featured here was a common theme for the company.  I would suspect cats certainly chased away any mice which might have fed on the food products which were inside the bags.

The Bemis Inc. was founded by Judson Moss Bemis in 1858 in St. Louis.  They originally started as a producer of printed cotton bags designed to store food products.  The companies claim to fame was the invention of allowing printed advertising to be imprinted onto the bags themselves.   The bags were often hand-strewn at this time.   Over time the company evolved, and today the company remains in business in Neenah, WI and is a worldwide leader in bag production still.