Maier Brewing Company Select Beer Tray, Los Angeles, CA

The Maier Brewing Company in Los Angeles, California was a long time leading manufacturer of beer in Southern CA for many years starting in 1907.  This particular tray is circa 1910-1915 and boldly states the brewery was “The Standard of Perfection”.  If the brewery was the standard of perfection in just a few short years, they must have had a spectacular product.    The tray uses an illustration of a very distinguished high society type of woman.  Perhaps this woman represented perfection as a double meaning?   We will never really know the real answer.

Unfortunately with prohibition the brewery was closed in 1920 after only 13 years of production, but it did reopen with the repeal of prohibition in 1933.   The breweries brand were very popular in the LA market and the brewery remained in business until 1972.    Their famous beer brand and largest selling brand was the Brew 102 beer.   The story which was passed down from the Maier’s was that it took the brewery 101 different recipes before they finally settled with their 102nd attempt to be the one they went to market with.    Hence, the name Brew 102!