Daisy Hair Tonic Tin Sign, Buerger Bros Supply Co., Denver, CO

I always found this early tin sign from the Buerger Bros. Supply Company in Denver to be an interesting piece.   The company used the slogan “Look Your BEST-It Pays” for their Daisy Hair Tonic product, which was made with quinine water.   In the early 1900’s quinine water was all the rage as it was thought to be a good anti-malarial product derived from tree bark.   Eventually it’s use morphed into hair products and was marketed to stimulate hair growth and thickness.   The Buerger Brothers simply jumped on this bandwagon thought to help stimulate sales for their Daisy brand hair tonic product.

The Buerger Bros. Supply Company was started by four brothers in Denver after they moved from Germany and set up a Barber shop in the city in 1885.   The business flourished and eventually into the largest barber supply company in the west.  Their business building still stands at 1742 Champa Street in Denver, and is used for lofts.  The Buerger Bros. remained in business until 1929 when they sold out.