The Meek and Beach Company was formed in 1901 as the result of the decision to merge The Tuscarora Advertising Company and The Standard Advertising Company.   As a result, both Jasper Meek and Henry Daniels Beach took over the company, and in 1901 the company had assets of $750,000.00, which was a phenomenal amount at that time.  However, the marriage of the companies was short lived, as in 1905 Jasper Meek suddenly announced the creation of The Meek Advertising Company, and announced that Mr. Beach was only involved with the company for a short time in 1901.  Upon the creation of the new company in 1901, the plants were divided up so the old Tuscarora plant created the celluloid, leather and calendars for the newly created company.   The old Standard plant made all the tin signs.

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