Chancellor Cigar Sign, Niles and Moser Manufacturers, Denver, CO. Ca. 1900

This unique reverse on glass sign from the Niles and Moser Cigar Manufacturing Company proudly proclaims their brand Chancellor was the brand “Buffalo Bill Smoked”!   However, at 2 for 25 cents, I highly doubt Buffalo Bill paid those prices back in the day when he was roaming the Western frontier.   However, the Niles and Moser Company certainly wanted to use his notoriety and standing in society around 1900 as someone who smoked their brand of cigars.   This particular reverse on glass (ROG) sign is interesting in that size of the wording for Buffalo Bills name is about the same size of the name of their cigar brand.

The Niles and Moser Cigar Company is still in operation today, based in Denver, CO.   The company at one time had large distribution plants in both Kansas City, MO and in Omaha, NE.  Their flagship brand in later years was the Roi-Tan brand with the distinctive lion emblem.   Unfortunately for them, the companies business has stagnated considerably as smoking has become less fashionable in today’s more health driven environment.  The Chancellor brand lives on in the outstanding advertising memorabilia the company put out at one time though.