Orange Flower Quality 5 Cent Cigar Sign, Circa 1920

I have always thought the idea of mixing a tobacco product with an flower was a strange marketing combination, but the Orange Flower Brand of quality cigars apparently was successful enough to make it work!   Collectors today can often find the Orange Flower brand round cigar can fairly easily, helping illustrate the brand sold quite well.  This particular tin sign incorporated a brilliant orange color along with a large flower image to help sell or let the buyer imagine just how good the cigar could smell.  I am sure many wives of the day probably hoped their homes would not smell like stinky cigar smoke, so adding a fragrant to it could only help!   In the end the brand eventually folded as buyers probably realized no matter how you try to sell the fragrance of a cigar, to most non-smokers they will simply smell bad regardless of what you add to it.