Tom Moore Cigar Lithograph, Niles & Moser Company. Circa 1900

The Tom Moore brand of cigars was made by the Niles & Moser Company for over 75 years, a long time in the tobacco industry where there were literally over a hundred different brands in many of the largest cities in the United States in the early 1900’s. This particular brand obviously didn’t need much of an introduction at that time, as the poster only has the name of the brand of cigars, and nothing else. Most of the brands at that time had the company name who manufactured it, and also oftentimes a slogan about the quality, or perhaps the price of each cigar. But I would suspect most of the people at that time knew who Tom Moore was with the image of him alone being sufficient to draw interest in the advertisement.

The Niles and Moser Company manufactured this brand for many years, and only recently the brand ceased to exist. Sales were still very strong in the 1940-50’s era, and as a result, collectors of cardboard or wood cigar boxes can find the Tom Moore label fairly easily still today, having been saved as storage for nuts and bolts, cancelled checks, and other household needs.