Jersey Creme Perfect Drink Metal Serving Tray

This serving tray advertises the Jersey-Creme soft drink, circa 1910.  The tray features a Victorian woman in the center and reads “The Perfect Drink” on the rim.  There are three versions of Jersey-Creme serving trays with three different Victorian woman. Jersey-Creme was considered a large company in the early 1900’s and their brand sold well regionally on the East coast.   Another serving tray with a deer head image is for a brand called Jersey-Cream (the wording of Cream versus Creme). This was an obvious attempt to try and mislead customers into buying the other brand.  The Jersey-Cream tray also advertised the brand as “The Perfect Drink” in a similar way that the Jersey-Creme brand did.   This was a fairly common practice for emerging companies in that era to use a twist on the names of successful  brands in order to try and gain market share. Many of these companies that were stealing names were sued and ultimately went out of business.