Grape Nuts Self Framed Tin Sign, circa 1910

One of the most desirable vintage advertising items sought by collectors today is a self-framed tin sign from the Post Grape Nuts Cereal brand featuring a young girl being walked off to school with her loyal St. Bernard. C. W. Post Cereal Company used this classic scene on several different advertising pieces, but the one you can still find occasionally, and the one that still sticks out with collectors today is their gold framed embossed tin sign.

I have seen many photos of general store interiors from the early 1900’s which have this particular sign hanging on their walls, and I can only surmise this sign was one of most commonly used at that time, given the ease of being able to find this sign available for sale today.   Clearly the signs image was admired by many, and after their intended use in the store was outlived, patrons or store owners probably took them home and hung them in their houses, leaving many to be found still today.  The gold edged trim on the frame resembled an ornate gold wooden frame and certainly was appealing.

The sign slogan says “To school well fed on Grape Nuts, There’s a Reason”.  Whether you enjoy it at breakfast, snack time or any other part of the day, Post cereal has been part of the American diet and the history of this country for well over 100 years now.   Fortunately for collectors, the early campaign which brought so much success for the company can live in our collections for many more years to enjoy!