Clausen Brewing Assn. Serving Tray, Seattle, WA

One of my favorite pre-prohibition brewery trays was put out by the Claussen Brewing Association in Seattle, WA.    This particular tray features a pretty woman pouring a labeled bottle of Tannhaeuser beer into an acid etched Tannhaeuser glass which features the company’s logo on the glass too!  The coloring on the tray is spectacular in my opinion, with its use of bold gold and black colors on the edge of the featured image.

What I don’t know is the relevance to the use of the slogan “It touches the spot”?   What spot does a beer touch?  What did they mean by using this slogan?   While not an unusual slogan, I have never seen it used in any other brewery related advertising to date.

Tannhaeuser was a type of beer very popular over 100 years ago, and was produced by some of the largest breweries in the world, including Anheuser-Busch.   The word tannhaeuser comes from a German play, and is often found spelled as Tannhauser with an umlaut symbol over the “a” which was typical of the german language.   When the word was brought to the U.S., the umlaut was often removed and replaced with an “e” in its place.