Brotherhood Cut Plug Lunch Pail Tobacco Tin

Brotherhood Tobacco Lunch Box Tin 1910

The Brotherhood Tobacco lunch box tin was used by children to take their lunches to school in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.  They marched off to school hauling their tobacco lunch pails made out of a colorful tin that had convenient wire handles on the top for carrying. This Brotherhood Tobacco lunch box tin represents a very colorful box with great eye appeal.  

United Brothers Tobacco Company manufactured this Brotherhood brand, Circa 1910. United Brothers featured their trademark sleeves with hands shaking on the tin. The Brotherhood Tobacco lunch box tin was one of the most popular smoking tobacco brands of its time. Therefore, more of these are available to find today compared to other tobacco brands. 

Overall, smoking tobacco lunch box tins are highly sought after and offer a unique history. Many men carried their lunches to work in these metal tobacco tins. It was actually considered a clue that the family didn’t have enough money to purchase a hot meal. In spite of that, school-aged children wanted to mimic their fathers and used the same lunch caddies made from their pop’s old tobacco tins. Interestingly, the neighborhood general stores didn’t really care for the lunch box style tobacco tins because they were difficult to stack on shelves due to the wire handles. The tobacco lunch box tins were adorned with a company’s logo and artwork that stated slogans such as ”Sensation Smoking Tobacco” and “ Cut Plug Smoking or Chew” and “Sweet Mist Taste Great”.